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Loka Technologies has professional and dedicated teams for full turnkey PCB services. Our services include Printed Circuit Board Design, PCB CAM and Embedded design. Our quality of work will be always one step ahead than others.

Loka Technologies CAM team offering " World class One-stop CAM and front end solutions" for PCB manufacturers

Our team of engineers has global manufacturing and DFM experience, a critical success factor to understand requirements of customer at micro level. We specialize in quick turn-around PCB CAM & have a wide experience in handling high frequency PCB designs for customers around the globe. We also have involved in embedded system design with expertise engineers.

We believes in complete openness and total commitment in transaction both with the customers and suppliers in the value chain. As organization, Loka Technologies is committed to excelling in the area of Front - End solutions and committed to giving Zero Defect Solutions. We have experience engineers in platforms like CAM350, genesis and parcam used to deliver CAM tooling service


Loka Technologies is a very experienced in Pcb cam services. Loka Technologies can be your reliable offshore partner to ensure that you can focus and grow in your core expertise area. We provide 24×7 services to our valuable customers.

Loka Technologies Policy:

Our Vision is providing 100% service quality in committed lead time.

Loka Technologies adds value to your operations by significantly shortening your total design time and reducing total cost for the projects. We will be an ideal partner to help you through different business cycles to meet peak work overload. Loka Technologies helps you to increase quality by using specialized Software tools, Quality check sheet, Quality Assurance and Daily basis order status report for every project.


Our mission is to provide the BEST PCB DESIGN SERVICE to our customers by understanding the design requirements in a committed time with a high level of quality. We always focus on providing the high performance printed circuit boards, on-time, and on-budget with the specified quality.
Over the years we have successfully completed PCB design projects in various domains.
We have manufacturing engineering background. So our work quality is one step ahead than others.
Loka Technologies Expertise
  • Rigid boards up to high layer-count HDI multilayers including blind and buried vias, impedance-control and sequential build-up.
  • Flexible and flex-rigid circuitry.
  • Unlimited editing capabilities and full panelization for single, double sided and multi layer boards.
  • Generate drill and routing from Auto CAD/DXF or Gerber files.
  • Error detection services / quality check.
  • Generating reports on individual board characteristics against manufacturing specifications.
The major works in PCB CAM services are
  • Inspection
  • Editing
  • Panelization
In this Inspection, the customer input files will be checked whether it satisfies the Customer Manufacturing Capability and its End Customers Specifications.

The checks performed in this Inspection phase are:
  • Drill checks (Drill-Drill spacing & Double hits)
  • Dimension checking
  • Annular ring Checks
  • Min Air gap/Min trace width checks
  • Drill to copper spacing
  • Mask layer checks (Mask clearance & Coverage)
  • Silk layer checks (Min Silk legend)
  • Any other customer specific checks
The violations found during Inspection phase are fixed in this Editing phase based on Customer specifications. Also customer Specific standard operations will be carried out.

The Edit operations are:
  • Board outline correction for FAB dimension
  • Double hits elimination
  • Annular ring corrections
  • Air gap & Trace width corrections
  • Drill to copper spacing corrections
  • Etch compensation on signal layers
  • Mask clearance correction
  • Coverage corrections
  • Silk legend width correction
  • Silk layer clipping
  • The single boards/Arrays (Arrays will be customer specific) will be repeated in Panel using Customer Specifications.
  • As per Customer Specifications the panel entities will be added.
  • The Panel entities are:
  • Coupons
  • Registration holes
  • Tooling holes
  • Copper thieving
  • Copper balancing
  • Panel Text
  • Other Customer Specific Entities
Service Highlights
  • Team work
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Schedules based on targets
  • Cost effective services with minimum lead time
  • In-house developed tools for QC and routing

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